The Division of Biological Sciences actively encourages its undergraduates to take advantage of the many research opportunities available on campus.

Research experience allows for hands-on application of concepts and knowledge learned in the classroom and gives students the opportunity to work with and get to know scientists who are among the best in their fields. Research experience also prepares students for graduate and professional study as well as careers that place a high value on critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Hours and Credit

Students may receive 1-3 hours of credit (BIOSCI 4950/4952 or BIOSci 4950H/4952H) up to a total of 12 credit hours.

Upon completion of a total of 6 hours, 3 credit hours may be applied as biology major elective credit toward a BA or BS in Biological Sciences. Any remaining hours may be applied as general elective hours toward graduation. As a general rule of thumb, students should expect to spend at minimum 4-5 hours per week per credit hour on their projects, although the actual time commitment will be determined by what is required scientifically and may vary considerably.