Departmental Honors

Requirements for earning Departmental Honors in Biological Sciences:

  1. You must have an overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.3.
  2. You must have completed or be currently enrolled in at least 20 credit hours of coursework in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics prior to being accepted in the Honors Program.
  3. Identify a research problem and be accepted into the lab of a faculty research mentor.
  4. Complete the application for admission to the Departmental Honors Program.
  5. Obtain and complete the form “Guidelines and Agreement for Undergraduate Research in the Division of Biological Sciences.”
  6. Complete a total of at least 6 credit hours in Bio 4950H and Bio 4952H (Honors Research in Biological Sciences).
  7. Complete a presentation of your research project and its results.

Benefits of Earning Departmental Honors in Biological Sciences

The primary value of earning Departmental Honors in Biological Sciences lies in various
intangibles: the opportunity to contribute to scientific understanding, to develop your
own problem-solving skills, to obtain a much deeper understanding of a particular area
of biology and its scientific study than would be possible through conventional course
work, to develop and nurture a strong personal relationship with a senior scientist, etc.
Even so, there are some tangible benefits:

  1. Completion of departmental honors in Biological Sciences will be noted on
    your transcript and diploma.
  2. Completion of departmental honors makes you eligible for participation in
    the Honors Convocation at graduation.
  3. You will receive a special honors cord to wear during graduation
  4. You will receive an Honors Certificate from the Division of Biological
  5. You, your mentor, and two guests will be invited to attend a special Honors
    banquet to recognize your research achievements just before graduation in
    May of your final year.
  6. You will receive notices alerting you to special lectures or events that may
    be of interest to biologists, and will be invited to other events limited to
    participants in the Department Honors Program.
  7. Participation in undergraduate research activities will enhance your chances
    of receiving one of several different awards presented to outstanding
    undergraduates in the Division of Biological Sciences or in the College of Arts
    and Science.